Whether you have a single or periodic job, Van der Reest Machines offers you the opportunity to hire cleaning machines. You are also at the right address for the complete execution of work. And all this with the best service.


By renting machines you can increase the number of machines with your company. You determine when you use a machine and are not bound to a specific machine.


In many cases, renting a cleaning machine for your company can be more economical than buying a machine. Together we look for the best solution for your company.


Van der Reest Machines can take complete jobs out of your hands. We have machines and personnel to carry out a wide variety of tasks.


At van der Reest Machines it is possible to buy or rent a machine. In many cases, renting is cheaper for your company than buying a machine. For example, you can use a machine for a single job or for a certain period of time. In all cases, we provide you with the best machine for each job, this includes maintenance. We would like to look together which option is most suitable for your company. With no surprises or concerns, a high-quality cleaning machine – whenever you want it.


With our wide range of machines, we have a sweeper available for every job. Whether it’s a simple machine or heavy industrial sweepers. Thanks to the flexibility of renting, you are not tied to a single model, but the type of machine you need can change to what your company needs. You can rent a machine for weeks, months or years. And this with the excellent service of Van der Reest Machines.


Van der Reest Machines takes care of your business with our high-quality services. We take care of machines and personnel on site and carry out all work. Our staff are trained for a wide range of cleaning tasks, so that we can satisfy our customers with an excellent end result. We take care of the cleaning and you have no concerns about it. We do this with the fastest service and the best contacts available.